This is the first in our new series, Q&A with …

We launched this interview feature to showcase the diverse works and talents of wildlife photographers, birders and artists throughout the United States. In every city and state, there are countless individuals giving hours of time and labor to benefit critical wildlife endeavors. The Wildlife Conservation Stamp Project is, in part, about recognizing those contributions — the ones made by the millions of wildlife watchers and advocates rolling up their sleeves across the country. In this space, we’ll be featuring the people and the passions driving our collective commitment to wild animals, their habitat and environment.

In this Q&A, San Francisco wildlife photographer Glenn Nevill answers our questions about his favorite subjects, places, motivations and aspirations.

Hint: Peregrine Falcons.

Click the link below for the full piece, along with a selection of Glenn’s outstanding wildlife photography:

Q&A with Glenn Nevill – Wildlife Photographer

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